1. Persuade
2. Entice
3. Urge
4. Encourage
5. Sway
6. Entreat
7. Appeal
8. Allure
9. Cajole
10. Lure
11. Inveigle
12. Implore
13. Urge
14. Exhort
15. Supplicate
16. Wheedle
17. Admonish
18. Plead
19. Instigate
20. Beg
21. Appeal to
22. Implicate
23. Invite
24. Induce
25. Instigate
26. Prod
27. Move
28. Goad
29. Solicit
30. Incentivize

Are you looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word «coax»? There are a variety of different synonyms that can be used to replace the word «coax», such as persuade, entice, urge, encourage, sway, entreat, appeal, allure, cajole, and lure. Other words for coax include inveigle, implore, exhort, supplicate, wheedle, admonish, plead, instigate, beg, appeal to, implicate, invite, induce, instigate, prod, move, goad, solicit, and incentivize. No matter what you are trying to say, there is sure to be a perfect synonym for the word «coax» that will fit your needs.