Synonyms for Coat:

1. Garment
2. Cloak
3. Wrapper
4. Jacket
5. Covering
6. Overcoat
7. Cape
8. Envelope
9. Vestment
10. Tabard
11. Smock
12. Robe
13. Cloak
14. Gown
15. Pelisse
16. Mantle
17. Jumper
18. Raincoat
19. Windbreaker
20. Tuxedo
21. Parka
22. Cardigan
23. Tunic
24. Duster
25. Poncho
26. Bolero
27. Spenser
28. Blazer
29. Jumpsuit
30. Trench

When looking for synonyms for the word “coat”, there are many different ideas to consider. Whether you’re looking for a more formal option such as a tuxedo, or something more casual such as a windbreaker, there is a wide range of possible options. From cloaks to jumpers, and from smocks to parkas, there are plenty of other words for coat that can fit any occasion. Whether you’re looking for the best ideas for a night out, or a more casual look for everyday wear, there are plenty of synonyms for coat that can help you find the perfect look. With a variety of different options available, you can find the perfect coat to fit any style and occasion.