1. Exchange
2. Swap
3. Substitute
4. Barter
5. Interchange
6. Switch
7. Replace
8. Trade
9. Exchange
10. Vary
11. Shift
12. Alternate
13. Transpose
14. Alter
15. Change
16. Exchange
17. Convert
18. Modify
19. Transfer
20. Exchange
21. Transmute
22. Switch
23. Exchange
24. Displace
25. Reverse
26. Reversal
27. Exchange
28. Interchange
29. Exchange
30. Turnabout

When looking for the best ideas to express the same thing as the word «CO», it can be helpful to consider synonyms. There are many different words that can be used to express the same idea as «CO», including exchange, swap, substitute, barter, interchange, switch, replace, trade, vary, shift, alternate, transpose, alter, change, convert, modify, transfer, transmute, displace, reverse, reversal, and turnabout. All of these words can be used to express the same idea as «CO», and can help to vary the language used when expressing the same concept. Synonyms can also help to create more interesting and creative writing, allowing for more variety in the language used.