1. Jester
2. Harlequin
3. Buffoon
4. Comic
5. Trickster
6. Wagon
7. Zany
8. Bozo
9. Mime
10. Jokey
11. Prankster
12. Fool
13. Mugger
14. Cut-up
15. Mummer
16. Trick
17. Auguste
18. Punch
19. Pantaloon
20. Joker
21. Punchinello
22. Clownfish
23. Clowning
24. Imp
25. Goon
26. Grotesque
27. Wacky
28. Hilarious
29. Comical
30. Farceur

When searching for another word for clown, there are many great ideas and synonyms to choose from. The best way to find the perfect synonym is to consider the context in which the word is being used. Some of the top synonyms for clown include jester, harlequin, buffoon, comic, and trickster. These words all evoke the same image as the word clown, but may be more suitable in certain contexts. Other words for clown include wagon, zany, bozo, mime, and jokey. Each of these words adds a unique flavor to the idea of clowning and can be used to add humor or lightheartedness to a sentence. Prankster, fool, mugger, cut-up, and mummer are also great ideas for words to use in place of clown. Finally, punch, pantaloon, joker, clownfish, and clowning are all excellent choices when looking for the perfect synonym for clown.