Synonyms for Close:

1. Adjacent
2. Nearby
3. Immediate
4. Adjoining
5. Connected
6. Neighboring
7. Touching
8. Contiguous
9. Imminent
10. Nigh
11. Close-at-hand
12. Immanent
13. Accessible
14. Approaching
15. Handy
16. At hand
17. Abutting
18. Within reach
19. Attendant
20. Close by
21. Near at hand
22. Convenient
23. Hand
24. Nigh at hand
25. Ready
26. Adjunct
27. Close-by
28. Close by
29. Next door
30. Close

When searching for synonyms for the word “close,” the best ideas are to look for words that are related to the concept of closeness. Words such as adjacent, nearby, immediate, adjoining, connected, and neighboring are all words that can be used to describe something that is close. Other words such as touching, contiguous, imminent, nigh, and close-at-hand can also be used to convey the same idea. For those looking for even more ideas, words such as accessible, approaching, handy, at hand, abutting, within reach, attendant, close by, near at hand, convenient, hand, nigh at hand, ready, adjunct, close-by, next door, and close can all be used to describe something that is close.