1. Duplication
2. Reproduction
3. Replication
4. Imitation
5. Copy
6. Reproducing
7. Reiteration
8. Reflection
9. Reduplication
10. Recurrence
11. Duplicating
12. Re-creation
13. Reiterating
14. Mirroring
15. Duplicity
16. Doubling
17. Re-enactment
18. Carbon copy
19. Re-enacting
20. Reproducible
21. Re-forming
22. Re-production
23. Re-iteration
24. Simulation
25. Re-creating
26. Reproducible
27. Re-forming
28. Re-enactment
29. Reproducing
30. Re-iterating

When searching for different words for the term ‘cloning’, there are a variety of options. Synonyms for cloning can be found in a variety of forms, from duplication to re-enactment. It is important to consider the best ideas when looking for other words for cloning. Some of the best synonyms for cloning include duplication, reproduction, replication, imitation, copy, reproducing, reiteration, reflection, reduplication, recurrence, duplicating, re-creation, reiterating, mirroring, duplicity, doubling, re-enactment, carbon copy, re-enacting, reproducible, re-forming, re-production, re-iteration, simulation, re-creating, reproducible, re-forming, re-enactment, and reproducing. Each of these words can be used to provide a variety of different meanings for the same concept. Consider exploring the different synonyms for cloning to find the best ideas for your project.