1. Categorization
2. Types
3. Grouping
4. Division
5. Categorizing
6. Sorting
7. Segmentation
8. Labeling
9. Stratification
10. Cataloging
11. Classing
12. Ranking
13. Indexing
14. Assortment
15. Classifying
16. Taxonomy
17. Grading
18. Nomenclature
19. Hierarchy
20. Ordering
21. Binning
22. Cataloguing
23. Codifying
24. Coding
25. Arrangement
26. Classifying
27. Genus
28. Series
29. Specification
30. Systematization

When it comes to organizing information, synonyms for classifications are essential. Whether you are looking for other words for categorization, types, grouping, division, or sorting, there are a variety of ideas to choose from. From labeling and stratification to cataloging and classing, there are many synonyms for classifications that can help to better organize data. Additionally, ranking, indexing, assortment, classifying, taxonomy, grading, and nomenclature are all great ideas for classifying information. Hierarchy, ordering, binning, cataloguing, codifying, coding, and arrangement can also be useful when it comes to organizing data. Finally, classifying, genus, series, specification, and systematization are all great synonyms for classifications that can help to better organize information.