1. Assembly
2. Group
3. Division
4. Grade
5. Set
6. Course
7. Category
8. Cohort
9. Sort
10. Gathering
11. Batch
12. Rank
13. Clique
14. Order
15. Congregation
16. Division
17. Kind
18. League
19. Type
20. Breed
21. Stratum
22. Clade
23. Classify
24. Division
25. Classroom
26. Regiment
27. Range
28. Division
29. Caste
30. Species

When looking for the best ideas for synonyms of the word “CLASS”, there are many different words to consider. It can be helpful to think of other words for “CLASS” such as “Assembly”, “Group”, “Division”, “Grade”, “Set”, “Course”, “Category”, and “Cohort”. Additionally, you may want to consider words like “Sort”, “Gathering”, “Batch”, “Rank”, “Clique”, “Order”, and “Congregation”. Other words that could be used to describe “CLASS” include “Division”, “Kind”, “League”, “Type”, “Breed”, “Stratum”, “Clade”, “Classify”, “Division”, “Classroom”, “Regiment”, “Range”, “Division”, “Caste”, and “Species”. With all of these synonyms, it is easy to find the best word to fit your needs.