1. Fixed
2. Gripped
3. Locked
4. Seized
5. Squeezed
6. Wedged
7. Bonded
8. Clutched
9. Compressed
10. Constricted
11. Contained
12. Contracted
13. Fastened
14. Fettered
15. Grasped
16. Immobilized
17. Locked up
18. Pinned
19. Restrained
20. Secured
21. Snugged
22. Squeezed
23. Stabilized
24. Strapped
25. Tightened
26. Trapped
27. Clenched
28. Coerced
29. Cohered
30. Crimped

Are you looking for synonyms for the word “clamped”? Whether you are writing a paper, creating a presentation, or simply need to find another way to express the same idea, having a list of synonyms handy can be very useful. There are many words that can be used as synonyms for “clamped”, such as fixed, gripped, locked, seized, squeezed, wedged, bonded, clutched, compressed, constricted, contained, contracted, fastened, fettered, grasped, immobilized, locked up, pinned, restrained, secured, snugged, squeezed, stabilized, strapped, tightened, trapped, clenched, coerced, cohered, and crimped. Finding the best words to express your ideas can be difficult, but with this list of synonyms for “clamped”, you can easily find the perfect words to get your point across.