1. Assert
2. Affirm
3. Contend
4. Declare
5. Maintain
6. Insist
7. Allege
8. Proclaim
9. Presume
10. Propose
11. Postulate
12. Argue
13. Demand
14. Hold
15. Ask
16. State
17. Avow
18. Plead
19. Adduce
20. Predicate
21. Establish
22. Uphold
23. Presuppose
24. Avouch
25. Vow
26. Conjecture
27. Urge
28. Prove
29. Cite
30. Declare

When searching for other words for the term “claim”, there are a variety of options available. Whether you’re looking for the best ideas or simply a different way to express the same concept, these synonyms can help. From assert and affirm to contend and declare, there are a variety of ways to express this concept. Maintain, insist, allege, and proclaim are all great alternatives for “claim”. Propose, postulate, argue, and demand are also words that can help you express the same concept. Hold, ask, state, avow, plead, and adduce are all great ideas for when you’re looking for other words for “claim”. Predicate, establish, uphold, presuppose, vow, conjecture, urge, prove, cite, and declare are all great ideas for synonyms for “claim”.