1. Savior
2. Redeemer
3. Deliverer
4. Messiah
5. Anointed One
6. Lamb of God
7. Prince of Peace
8. King of Kings
9. Lord of Lords
10. Alpha and Omega
11. Immanuel
12. Lord
13. Logos
14. Light of the World
15. Bread of Life
16. Good Shepherd
17. Lord of Hosts
18. Son of Man
19. Son of God
20. Word of Life
21. Advocate
22. Holy One
23. Mediator
24. Redeemer of Israel
25. Teacher
26. Way
27. Truth
28. Life
29. King of Righteousness
30. King of Glory

When it comes to finding synonyms for the word «Christi», there are many ideas to consider. Whether you are looking for the best words to use in a sermon, an essay, or just to expand your vocabulary, the list above provides a great starting point. From Savior and Redeemer to Lord of Hosts and King of Glory, each of these words has its own unique connotations and meanings that can help to bring a deeper understanding to the concept of Christi. Additionally, many of these words can also be used to explore different aspects of the Christian faith, such as the teachings of Jesus and the promises of the Kingdom of Heaven. With so many powerful and meaningful words to choose from, there is no better way to explore the concept of Christi than by considering the synonyms listed above.