1. Selected
2. Picked
3. Designated
4. Elected
5. Voted
6. Opted
7. Preferred
8. Decided
9. Nominated
10. Appointed
11. Assigned
12. Marked
13. Specified
14. Preselected
15. Preordained
16. Handpicked
17. Chosen out
18. Chosen from
19. Determined
20. Chosen by lot
21. Selected by lot
22. Allotted
23. Preferable
24. Enumerated
25. Optative
26. Pronounced
27. Indicated
28. Assayed
29. Settled
30. Decreed

When it comes to finding the best synonyms for the word “chosen”, there are many ideas to consider. Whether you’re looking for another word for “chosen” or searching for the best synonyms for this term, the list above provides a wide range of options. From “selected” and “picked” to “designated” and “elected”, this list of synonyms for “chosen” provides a great selection of words to choose from. Additionally, these synonyms can be used in many different contexts, making them a great choice for any writing project. No matter what type of writing you’re doing, these synonyms for “chosen” are sure to be the perfect fit.