1. Selected
2. Opted
3. Picked
4. Elected
5. Preferred
6. Voted
7. Decided
8. Designated
9. Settled on
10. Called
11. Picked out
12. Specified
13. Preferred
14. Selected out
15. Marked
16. Chalked up
17. Chosen out
18. Determined
19. Narrowed down
20. Opted for
21. Chosen
22. Preselected
23. Pronounced
24. Plumped for
25. Settled upon
26. Preferred
27. Opted out
28. Picked up
29. Handpicked
30. Dictated

Finding the right word to use in a sentence can be difficult. Having a list of synonyms for a certain word can make it easier to come up with the best ideas. Synonyms for the word “chose” include selected, opted, picked, elected, preferred, voted, decided, designated, settled on, called, picked out, specified, preferred, selected out, marked, chalked up, chosen out, determined, narrowed down, opted for, chosen, preselected, pronounced, plumped for, settled upon, preferred, opted out, picked up, handpicked, and dictated. Having a list of synonyms can help a writer come up with the best word to use in a sentence or phrase. It can also help writers come up with different ways to say the same thing. Having a list of synonyms can be a great resource for writers looking for the perfect word to use in their writing.