1. Slice
2. Cut
3. Mince
4. Dice
5. Sever
6. Severance
7. Divide
8. Segment
9. Carve
10. Hack
11. Whack
12. Chop up
13. Sliver
14. Cleave
15. Chunk
16. Shred
17. Cube
18. Hackle
19. Julienne
20. Mangle
21. Slit
22. Sever
23. Snip
24. Split
25. Slit
26. Shear
27. Segment
28. Scissor
29. Incise
30. Dismember

Looking for alternative words to describe the action of ‘chop’? Whether you’re writing a story, a poem, or a blog post, having a variety of words to choose from is essential. Here are the best ideas to help you find the perfect synonym for ‘chop’. From ‘slice’ to ‘incise’, these words will give your writing the right amount of variety and flair. So the next time you’re looking for another word for ‘chop’, you’ll have 30 ideas to choose from. Whether you’re searching for synonyms to use in your next piece of writing or just want to expand your vocabulary, these words are the perfect place to start.