1. Option
2. Selection
3. Variety
4. Pick
5. Preference
6. Discretion
7. Possibility
8. Alternative
9. Election
10. Determination
11. Discernment
12. Prerogative
13. Preferment
14. Dilemma
15. Determination
16. Diversion
17. Decide
18. Decree
19. Decipher
20. Election
21. Indecision
22. Resolution
23. Diversion
24. Assortment
25. Preference
26. Discernment
27. Prerogative
28. Preferment
29. Discretion
30. Preference

When it comes to making a decision, it can be difficult to know which option is best. Having a wide range of synonyms for the word “choice” can help to make the decision-making process easier. Synonyms for “choice” such as option, selection, and variety can help to create a more diverse list of potential solutions. Other words for “choice” such as pick, preference, and discretion can help to narrow down the list of potential solutions. The best ideas come from having a variety of synonyms to choose from. With a list of 30 synonyms for the word “choice”, it is easier to find the right solution for any situation.