1. Oriental
2. Asian
3. Far Eastern
4. Mandarin
5. Cantonese
6. Han
7. Sino
8. Sinic
9. Sinitic
10. Yellow
11. Orientalist
12. Pekingese
13. Beijingese
14. Fukienese
15. Shanghainese
16. Nankingese
17. Taipei
18. Taipeiese
19. Formosan
20. Formosanese
21. Manchurian
22. Manchu
23. Szechuan
24. Szechwan
25. Hunan
26. Amoy
27. Amoyese
28. Hakka
29. Hokkien
30. Mongolian

When looking for synonyms for the word “Chinese,” there are many options to choose from. From Mandarin and Cantonese to Pekingese and Beijingese, the list is seemingly endless. For the best ideas, consider the more specific dialects like Fukienese, Shanghainese, Nankingese, Taipei, and Taipeiese. You can also opt for the broader terms like Oriental, Asian, Far Eastern, Yellow, and Orientalist. For a unique twist, try Manchurian, Manchu, Szechuan, Szechwan, Hunan, Amoy, Amoyese, Hakka, Hokkien, and Mongolian. No matter which word you choose, you can be sure to find the perfect synonym for the word “Chinese.”