Synonyms for “Child”:
1. Infant
2. Sprout
3. Kid
4. Toddler
5. Minor
6. Youth
7. Offspring
8. Progeny
9. Infantile
10. Small fry
11. Juvenile
12. Cherub
13. Babe
14. Waif
15. Urchin
16. Scion
17. Cherubim
18. Spawn
19. Minor
20. Newborn
21. Youngster
22. Preteen
23. Kidling
24. Little one
25. Bairn
26. Imp
27. Young ‘un
28. Neophyte
29. Minor
30. Tot

Finding the right synonym for the word “child” can be difficult, especially when you need to convey the right message. Whether you’re writing a story, a poem, or an essay, having the right words to use is essential. To help you out, here are the best ideas for other words for “child”. Infant, sprout, kid, toddler, minor, youth, offspring, progeny, infantile, small fry, juvenile, cherub, babe, waif, urchin, scion, cherubim, spawn, newborn, youngster, preteen, kidling, little one, bairn, imp, young ‘un, neophyte, minor, and tot are all great synonyms for “child”. With this list, you’ll have no problem finding the right word for your writing.