1. Substance
2. Compound
3. Element
4. Agent
5. Reagent
6. Catalyst
7. Mixture
8. Solution
9. Compound
10. Catalyst
11. Molecule
12. Reactive
13. Base
14. Acid
15. Salts
16. Alkali
17. Oxide
18. Hydroxide
19. Halide
20. Phosphate
21. Nitrate
22. Sulphate
23. Organic
24. Inorganic
25. Combustible
26. Flammable
27. Explosive
28. Corrosive
29. Toxin
30. Pollutant

Are you looking for synonyms for the word “chemical”? This article offers the best ideas for other words you can use instead. From “substance” and “compound” to “toxin” and “pollutant”, there are plenty of synonyms for chemical that can help you express yourself in a variety of ways. Whether you are writing a research paper or simply having a conversation, it’s important to know the other words for chemical. Some of the most common synonyms for chemical are “element”, “agent”, “reagent”, “catalyst”, “mixture”, “solution”, “compound”, “base”, “acid”, “salts”, “alkali”, “oxide”, “hydroxide”, “halide”, “phosphate”, “nitrate”, “sulphate”, “organic”, “inorganic”, “combustible”, “flammable”, “explosive”, “corrosive”, “toxin” and “pollutant”. With so many synonyms for chemical available, you can be sure to find the perfect word to express your message.