1. Audit
2. Inspect
3. Analyze
4. Verify
5. Assess
6. Examine
7. Study
8. Review
9. Probe
10. Cross-examine
11. Scrutinize
12. Evaluate
13. Test
14. Research
15. Query
16. Appraise
17. Investigate
18. Reconnoiter
19. Survey
20. Scour
21. Consider
22. Deliberate
23. Check out
24. Scan
25. Peruse
26. Assay
27. Delve
28. Probe
29. Assay
30. Deliberate

Searching for synonyms for the word “check” can be a difficult task. It can be hard to find the best ideas and words that accurately capture the meaning of the word. Fortunately, there are many options that can be used to find alternative words for “check”. For example, “audit”, “inspect”, “analyze”, and “verify” are all synonyms for “check”. Additionally, “assess”, “examine”, “study”, “review”, and “probe” can all be used to describe the same concept. Furthermore, “cross-examine”, “scrutinize”, “evaluate”, “test”, and “research” are all great ideas for words that can be used in place of “check”. Finally, “query”, “appraise”, “investigate”, “reconnoiter”, “survey”, “scour”, “consider”, “deliberate”, “check out”, “scan”, “peruse”, “assay”, “delve”, and “probe” are all excellent synonyms for the word “check”. With these synonyms, it is easy to find the best words for any situation.