1. Individuals
2. Personalities
3. People
4. Actors
5. Avatars
6. Protagonists
7. Roles
8. Figures
9. Representations
10. Creations
11. Entities
12. Avatars
13. Stereotypes
14. Types
15. Archetypes
16. Icons
17. Personae
18. Images
19. Idols
20. Symbols
21. Composites
22. Models
23. Examples
24. Subjects
25. Examples
26. Examples
27. Facsimiles
28. Facades
29. Imitations
30. Exemplars

When creating stories, characters are essential to make the story come alive. Whether it’s a novel, screenplay, or a video game, characters bring the story to life. Synonyms for characters can help to add variety to your writing, making it more interesting and engaging for the reader. Some of the best ideas for synonyms for characters include individuals, personalities, people, actors, avatars, protagonists, roles, figures, representations, creations, entities, avatars, stereotypes, types, archetypes, icons, personae, images, idols, symbols, composites, models, examples, subjects, facsimiles, facades, imitations, and exemplars. All of these words have different connotations and can be used to create a more vivid and detailed story.