1. Section
2. Division
3. Passage
4. Segment
5. Installment
6. Article
7. Leg
8. Verse
9. Stave
10. Part
11. Subdivision
12. Unit
13. Paragraph
14. Subsection
15. Subpart
16. Story
17. Heading
18. Subheading
19. Episode
20. Act
21. Book
22. Folio
23. Subchapter
24. Subdivision
25. Subtopic
26. Theme
27. Subroutine
28. Subplot
29. Subsequence
30. Subsequence

When writing a book, article, or other type of document, it is important to break it down into easily digestible chunks. To do this, authors use chapters, which are sections that divide the content into manageable pieces. But what are other words for chapter? Synonyms for chapter include section, division, passage, segment, installment, article, leg, verse, stave, part, subdivision, unit, paragraph, subsection, subpart, story, heading, subheading, episode, act, book, folio, subchapter, subdivision, subtopic, theme, subroutine, subplot, subsequence, and subtopic. Each of these words is an appropriate alternative to the word chapter when describing a section of a book or document. Whatever word you choose, make sure it accurately reflects the content of the section and is easy for readers to understand.