1. Transformed
2. Altered
3. Modified
4. Adapted
5. Adjusted
6. Revamped
7. Reformed
8. Reorganized
9. Remodeled
10. Restructured
11. Revitalized
12. Amended
13. Converted
14. Developed
15. Diverged
16. Evolved
17. Innovated
18. Migrated
19. Mutated
20. Recast
21. Reconfigured
22. Refashioned
23. Refined
24. Rejuvenated
25. Renewed
26. Replaced
27. Reshaped
28. Retooled
29. Revived
30. Transmuted

When you are looking for synonyms for the word “changed”, there are many ideas to consider. Whether you are looking for the best words or other words for “changed”, there are a variety of options to choose from. Some of the best words to use as synonyms for “changed” are transformed, altered, modified, adapted, adjusted, revamped, reformed, reorganized, remodeled, restructured, revitalized, amended, converted, developed, diverged, evolved, innovated, migrated, mutated, recast, reconfigured, refashioned, refined, rejuvenated, renewed, replaced, reshaped, retooled, revived, and transmuted. All of these words can be used to express the concept of “changed” in a variety of contexts.