1. Governance
2. Leadership
3. Directorship
4. Chairwomanship
5. Chairpersonship
6. Chairmanship
7. Chairing
8. Chairmanship
9. Chairwoman
10. Chairperson
11. Chair
12. Presidency
13. Control
14. Command
15. Authority
16. Superintendence
17. Supervision
18. Management
19. Headship
20. Stewardship
21. Overlordship
22. Directing
23. Hegemony
24. Governorship
25. Regency
26. Chieftainship
27. Primacy
28. Prerogative
29. Oversight
30. Captainship

Looking for the perfect word to describe a person in charge of a meeting? Look no further than the list of synonyms for «chairmanship». Whether you are searching for the best word to use in a professional setting or for casual conversation, this list of 30 words is sure to have the perfect option. From «governance» and «leadership» to «chairwoman» and «captainship», this list has a wide variety of words that can be used in any context. For the best ideas, consider using a combination of two or more of these words to create a unique phrase that accurately describes the position.