1. Gaels
2. Britons
3. Gauls
4. Galatians
5. Brythons
6. Picts
7. Armoricans
8. Cymry
9. Cornish
10. Manx
11. Irish
12. Scots
13. Breton
14. Galicians
15. Asturians
16. Astures
17. Lusitanians
18. Celtiberians
19. Celti
20. Gaulish
21. Galwegians
22. Britons
23. Caledonians
24. Iberians
25. Galacians
26. Gaill
27. Goidels
28. Brythonic
29. Celtae
30. Galatae

When searching for synonyms for the word «CELTS», the best ideas are to look to the many different cultures and tribes that made up the ancient Celtic people. From the Gaels and Britons to the Gauls and Galatians, there are many different tribes that can be used as synonyms for the word «CELTS». Other words for «CELTS» include Brythons, Picts, Armoricans, Cymry, Cornish, Manx, Irish, Scots, Breton, Galicians, Asturians, Astures, Lusitanians, Celtiberians, Celti, Gaulish, Galwegians, Britons, Caledonians, Iberians, Galacians, Gaill, Goidels, Brythonic, Celtae, and Galatae. All of these words can be used to describe the ancient Celtic people and their various cultures and tribes.