1. Compact Disc
2. Disc
3. Digital Audio Disc
4. Digital Versatile Disc
5. Optical Disc
6. Disc Media
7. Recordable Disc
8. Optical Media
9. Optical Storage
10. Disc Storage
11. Laser Disc
12. Disc Format
13. Disc Technology
14. Data Disc
15. Data Storage
16. Data Carrier
17. Data Format
18. Multimedia Disc
19. Multimedia Format
20. CD-ROM
21. Music Disc
22. Audio Disc
23. Video Disc
24. CD-R
25. CD-RW
26. Disc Read-Only Memory
27. Digital Data Storage
28. Digital Data Carrier
29. CD-DA
30. CD-Video

When looking for another word for CD, there are many options to choose from. Whether you need to describe a Compact Disc, a Disc, Digital Audio Disc, or a Digital Versatile Disc, there is a broad range of synonyms available. Some of the best ideas include Optical Disc, Disc Media, Recordable Disc, Optical Media, Optical Storage, Disc Storage, Laser Disc, Disc Format, Disc Technology, Data Disc, Data Storage, Data Carrier, Data Format, Multimedia Disc, Multimedia Format, CD-ROM, Music Disc, Audio Disc, Video Disc, CD-R, CD-RW, Disc Read-Only Memory, Digital Data Storage, Digital Data Carrier, CD-DA, and CD-Video. With so many choices, you can easily find the perfect phrase to describe a CD.