1. Unceremoniously
2. Inadvertently
3. Spontaneously
4. Unintentionally
5. Unplanned
6. Randomly
7. Accidentally
8. Unpremeditatedly
9. Unthinkingly
10. Impromptu
11. Unsystematically
12. Unarranged
13. Unstructured
14. Unschemed
15. Unordered
16. Unmethodically
17. Unmethodical
18. Unpracticed
19. Offhand
20. Unrehearsed
21. Unstudied
22. Unstudiedly
23. Unprepared
24. Unscripted
25. Unintentional
26. Unpractised
27. Unrehearsed
28. Unpremeditated
29. Unanticipated
30. Unforeseen

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