1. Positively Charged Ions
2. Positive Ions
3. Positrons
4. Cationic Particles
5. Anions
6. Multivalent Ions
7. Multiply Charged Ions
8. Polyatomic Ions
9. Multiply Charged Particles
10. Multivalent Particles
11. Polarized Ions
12. Polar Particles
13. Polyatomic Particles
14. Polyatomic Molecules
15. Polyvalent Ions
16. Polyvalent Particles
17. Multiply Charged Molecules
18. Multivalent Molecules
19. Multiply Charged Atoms
20. Multivalent Atoms
21. Polarized Molecules
22. Polar Atoms
23. Cationic Molecules
24. Cationic Atoms
25. Positively Charged Particles
26. Positive Particles
27. Positive Atoms
28. Positive Molecules
29. Anionic Particles
30. Anionic Molecules

Looking for another word for cations? We have the best ideas for you! Cations are positively charged ions and other words for this concept include positrons, cationic particles, anions, multivalent ions, multiply charged ions, polyatomic ions, multiply charged particles, multivalent particles, polarized ions, polar particles, polyatomic particles, polyatomic molecules, polyvalent ions, polyvalent particles, multiply charged molecules, multivalent molecules, multiply charged atoms, multivalent atoms, polarized molecules, polar atoms, cationic molecules, cationic atoms, positive particles, positive atoms, positive molecules, anionic particles and anionic molecules. Cations are essential to understanding the structure of molecules, and they are important in understanding the behavior of ions in aqueous solutions.