1. Classified
2. Typed
3. Grouped
4. Sorted
5. Catalogued
6. Systematized
7. Arranged
8. Broken down
9. Categorized
10. Filed
11. Classify
12. Indexed
13. Typify
14. Divided
15. Assigned
16. Listed
17. Coded
18. Ranked
19. Catalog
20. Tabulated
21. Classify
22. Itemized
23. Allotted
24. Classed
25. Classing
26. Docketed
27. Typing
28. Numbered
29. Itemise
30. Lumping

When it comes to organizing information, one of the best ideas is to categorize it. Categorizing data allows for easier access, better understanding, and better analysis of the information. Synonyms for this process include classified, typed, grouped, sorted, catalogued, systematized, arranged, broken down, filed, indexed, typify, divided, assigned, listed, coded, ranked, catalog, tabulated, classify, itemized, allotted, classed, classing, docketed, typing, numbered, itemise, and lumping. By using any of these words, one can easily describe the process of sorting and organizing information. This helps to make the data more manageable and easier to understand, allowing for better analysis and more effective use of the information.