1. Throwing
2. Hurling
3. Flinging
4. Tossing
5. Heaving
6. Lobbing
7. Hitting
8. Discharging
9. Releasing
10. Firing
11. Propelling
12. Hurling
13. Projecting
14. Emitting
15. Hurling
16. Flinging
17. Throwing
18. Lancing
19. Shooting
20. Expelling
21. Propulsion
22. Hurling
23. Flicking
24. Catapulting
25. Ejecting
26. Flicking
27. Flushing
28. Disbursing
29. Expulsion
30. Emission

Are you looking for the best ideas and synonyms for the word “casting”? The word “casting” can be used to refer to the process of throwing or hurling an object with force. There are many synonyms for this term that can be used to convey the same meaning. Some of the most popular synonyms for “casting” include throwing, hurling, flinging, tossing, heaving, lobbing, hitting, discharging, releasing, firing, propelling, and projecting. Other words for this term include emitting, lancing, shooting, expelling, propulsion, flicking, catapulting, ejecting, flushing, disbursing, expulsion, and emission. With these options, you can easily find the best way to express your thoughts and ideas.