1. Envelope
2. Covering
3. Jacket
4. Sheath
5. Enclosing
6. Encasement
7. Containment
8. Wrapping
9. Enclosure
10. Housing
11. Cloak
12. Shroud
13. Outfit
14. Container
15. Shell
16. Sleeve
17. Envelopment
18. Enveloping
19. Coverlet
20. Exterior
21. Surround
22. Incasing
23. Enrobing
24. Sheathing
25. Surrounding
26. Embellishment
27. Exteriorizing
28. Outward appearance
29. Cover-up
30. Cloak of secrecy

When looking for synonyms for the word «casing», there are many ideas to consider. Whether you’re looking for a more general term or a specific word to describe the act of encasing something, there are plenty of options. Some of the best synonyms for casing include words like envelope, covering, jacket, sheath, enclosing, and encasement. Other words for casing include containment, wrapping, enclosure, housing, cloak, shroud, outfit, container, shell, sleeve, and envelopment. When searching for the perfect word to describe the act of encasing something, consider synonyms like enveloping, coverlet, exterior, surround, incasing, enrobing, sheathing, surrounding, embellishment, exteriorizing, outward appearance, cover-up, and cloak of secrecy.