1. Conveyed
2. Transported
3. Transferred
4. Borne
5. Relocated
6. Moved
7. Taken
8. Conducted
9. Delivered
10. Transmitted
11. Conveyed
12. Shipped
13. Ferried
14. Translocated
15. Transported
16. Imported
17. Exported
18. Transferred
19. Carted
20. Hauled
21. Dragged
22. Towed
23. Transported
24. Conveyed
25. Transmitted
26. Conveyed
27. Transferred
28. Luggaged
29. Transported
30. Transferred

When it comes to finding synonyms for the word «carried», one of the best ideas is to look for words that have similar meanings. There are many different synonyms for the word «carried» such as conveyed, transported, transferred, borne, relocated, moved, taken, conducted, delivered, transmitted, conveyed, shipped, ferried, translocated, transported, imported, exported, transferred, carted, hauled, dragged, towed, transported, conveyed, transmitted, conveyed, transferred, luggaged, transported, and transferred. All of these words are great alternatives to the word «carried». For example, if you wanted to say that something was «carried» from one place to another, you could instead use the word «transported». Similarly, if you wanted to say that something was «carried» from one person to another, you could use the word «transferred». By using these synonyms, you can make your writing more varied and interesting.