1. Cadence
2. Caley
3. Calandra
4. Calliope
5. Callista
6. Calypso
7. Camilla
8. Caprice
9. Carina
10. Carita
11. Carleen
12. Carlene
13. Carmelita
14. Carmelina
15. Carmella
16. Carmina
17. Caro
18. Carolina
19. Caron
20. Carree
21. Carrol
22. Carrolle
23. Carsen
24. Casandra
25. Casha
26. Cassia
27. Cassandra
28. Cassy
29. Catarina
30. Catrina

When you are looking for alternatives to the name Carolyn, there are plenty of ideas to choose from. Whether you are looking for a more traditional name, a unique spin on the classic, or something entirely different, you can find a great option. Synonyms for Carolyn include Cadence, Caley, Calandra, Calliope, Callista, Calypso, Camilla, Caprice, Carina, Carita, Carleen, Carlene, Carmelita, Carmelina, Carmella, Carmina, Caro, Carolina, Caron, Carree, Carrol, Carrolle, Carsen, Casandra, Casha, Cassia, Cassandra, Cassy, Catarina, and Catrina. All of these names provide a unique take on the classic Carolyn and can be used to create a beautiful and unique name for your little one.