1. Negligence
2. Inattention
3. Inadvertence
4. Neglect
5. Culpability
6. Carelessness
7. Nonchalance
8. Forgetfulness
9. Disregard
10. Oversight
11. Sloppiness
12. Rashness
13. Laxity
14. Negligency
15. Indifference
16. Improvidence
17. Imprudence
18. Incaution
19. Thoughtlessness
20. Irresponsibility
21. Remissness
22. Neglectfulness
23. Neglectfulness
24. Unmindfulness
25. Pretermission
26. Inexactitude
27. Abstention
28. Unwiseness
29. Neglect
30. Unheedfulness

Synonyms for the word careless are essential for vocabulary building and communication. Whether you are writing an essay, preparing for a presentation, or simply trying to have a conversation, having a wide array of synonyms for careless can make all the difference. Some of the best ideas for synonyms for careless include negligence, inattention, inadvertence, neglect, culpability, nonchalance, forgetfulness, disregard, oversight, sloppiness, rashness, laxity, negligency, indifference, improvidence, imprudence, incaution, thoughtlessness, irresponsibility, remissness, neglectfulness, unmindfulness, pretermission, inexactitude, abstention, unwiseness, and unheedfulness. These words can be used to convey the same meaning as careless but with a different flavor and style. Having a variety of synonyms for careless can help you to express yourself more clearly and effectively, no matter the situation.