1. Dromedary
2. Humpback
3. Long-necked
4. Ship of the Desert
5. Two-humped
6. Bactrian
7. Kneecap
8. Woolly
9. Pack Animal
10. Long-haired
11. Horned
12. Waddler
13. Tall-legged
14. Humpy
15. Desert Horse
16. Humpy-backed
17. Long-legged
18. Lumbering
19. Long-nosed
20. Woolly-haired
21. Bactrian Camel
22. Knees-up
23. Humpbacked
24. Long-eared
25. Hump-backed
26. Desert Walker
27. Long-horned
28. High-humped
29. Long-bodied
30. Long-snouted

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