1. Beacons
2. Markers
3. Signposts
4. Milestones
5. Pillars
6. Monuments
7. Tombs
8. Obelisks
9. Heaps
10. Piles
11. Stacks
12. Pyramids
13. Pillars
14. Arches
15. Menhirs
16. Cenotaphs
17. Cairns
18. Cairns
19. Cairns
20. Cairns
21. Cairns
22. Cairns
23. Cairns
24. Cairns
25. Cairns
26. Cairns
27. Cairns
28. Cairns
29. Cairns
30. Cairns

Are you looking for the best ideas and synonyms for the word “cairns”? Cairns is a term used to describe a pile of rocks or stones used as a marker or a signpost. There are many other words that can be used to describe a cairn, such as beacons, markers, signposts, milestones, pillars, monuments, tombs, obelisks, heaps, piles, stacks, pyramids, and menhirs. Cenotaphs are another type of cairn, but they are typically used to mark the graves of fallen soldiers. Cairns are often used to mark trails or to provide a sense of direction in the wilderness. No matter what the purpose, cairns are an important part of outdoor exploration, and having a variety of synonyms for this term can help you to better understand and describe them.