1. Line
2. Cord
3. Wire
4. Rope
5. Thread
6. Link
7. Strand
8. Connection
9. Tether
10. Lead
11. Fiber
12. Twine
13. Filament
14. Bond
15. Tie
16. Linkage
17. Ligature
18. Twisted Pair
19. Fiber Optic
20. Antenna
21. Harness
22. Conduit
23. Tube
24. Pipeline
25. Channel
26. Connector
27. Coupling
28. Junction
29. Linkup
30. Tie-in

Are you looking for synonyms for the word ‘cable’? Whether you’re writing a technical document, a creative piece, or anything in between, having a list of other words for ‘cable’ can be a great help. Here are the best ideas for synonyms for ‘cable’. Line, cord, wire, rope, thread, link, strand, connection, tether, lead, fiber, twine, filament, bond, tie, linkage, ligature, twisted pair, fiber optic, antenna, harness, conduit, tube, pipeline, channel, connector, coupling, junction, linkup, and tie-in are all great words to use in place of ‘cable’. Use these words to add variety to your writing and make your document more interesting!