1. Synonyms for BV:
Bacterial Vaginosis
2. Alternate Name:
3. Other Terms:
Gardnerella Vaginitis
4. Different Words:
Vaginal Infection
5. Synonyms:
6. Related Words:
Vaginal Discharge
7. Parallels:
8. Variations:
Vaginal Irritation
9. Equivalents:
Vaginitis Bacteriana
10. Replacements:
Vaginal Odor
11. Analogous Terms:
Vaginitis Trichomonas
12. Comparable Words:
Vaginal Itching
13. Co-ordinates:
Vaginal Burning
14. Corresponding Words:
Vaginitis Atrophicans
15. Synonymous Words:
Vaginitis Candidiasis
16. Identical Words:
Vaginosis Bacterial
17. Counterparts:
Bacterial Infection
18. Alternative Names:
Bacterial Vaginosis
19. Matching Words:
BV Infection
20. Similar Terms:
21. Equivalent Words:
Vaginitis Non-Infectious
22. Interchangeable Words:
Vaginal Bacterial Infection
23. Related Expressions:
Vaginosis Non-Infectious
24. Alike Terms:
Vaginitis Non-Specific
25. Closely Related Words:
Vaginal Infectious Disease
26. Substitutes:
Vaginal Yeast Infection
27. Paraphrases:
Vaginitis Fungal
28. Near-Synonyms:
Vaginitis Aerobic
29. Analogs:
Vaginitis Mixed
30. Interchangeables:
Vaginosis Mixed

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