1. Acquiring
2. Obtaining
3. Procuring
4. Securing
5. Purchasing
6. Shopping
7. Investing
8. Ordering
9. Shopping for
10. Shopping around
11. Shopping about
12. Going shopping
13. Bargaining
14. Haggling
15. Exchanging
16. Copping
17. Obtaining
18. Shopping spree
19. Picking up
20. Buying up
21. Snatching up
22. Taking up
23. Snapping up
24. Hauling
25. Snaffling
26. Plucking
27. Foraging
28. Snap buying
29. Procurement
30. Obtainment

When looking for the best ideas for how to get the items you need, it is important to know what words to use. Synonyms for the word “buying” can be helpful when you are searching for the best deals. Some of the most common synonyms for “buying” include acquiring, obtaining, procuring, securing, purchasing, shopping, investing, ordering, and shopping for. Other words for buying include shopping around, shopping about, going shopping, bargaining, haggling, exchanging, copping, obtaining, shopping spree, picking up, buying up, and snatching up. Synonyms for “buying” can also include taking up, snapping up, hauling, snaffling, plucking, foraging, snap buying, procurement, and obtainment. Knowing these synonyms for “buying” can help you find the best deals and come up with the best ideas for getting the items you need.