1. Shrub
2. Greenery
3. Plant
4. Vegetation
5. Flora
6. Growth
7. Foliage
8. Herbage
9. Verdure
10. Woodland
11. Copse
12. Thicket
13. Hedge
14. Bramble
15. Coppice
16. Arbor
17. Jungle
18. Arboretum
19. Prairie
20. Savanna
21. Underbrush
22. Bushland
23. Wilderness
24. Glade
25. Orchard
26. Groves
27. Scrub
28. Shrubs
29. Trees
30. Lush

When looking for other words for the word «bush», there are many great ideas to consider. Whether you are looking for a synonym for a specific type of bush or just a general term, there are plenty of options. Synonyms for the word «bush» include shrub, greenery, plant, vegetation, flora, growth, foliage, herbage, verdure, woodland, copse, thicket, hedge, bramble, coppice, arbor, jungle, arboretum, prairie, savanna, underbrush, bushland, wilderness, glade, orchard, groves, scrub, shrubs, trees, and lush. These are all great options for finding a synonym for the word «bush». Whether you are looking for a more specific term or just a general word, these are all great ideas to consider.