1. Patty
2. Slider
3. Sandwich
4. Cheeseburger
5. Hamburger
6. Whopper
7. Double Decker
8. Quarter Pounder
9. Fast Food
10. Grill
11. Patty Melt
12. Bunless
13. Stack
14. Beefburger
15. Beef Patty
16. Puck
17. Sesame Seed Bun
18. Veggie Burger
19. Gardenburger
20. Burger Bun
21. Triple Decker
22. Griddle
23. Bap
24. Bapburger
25. Grilled Patty
26. Fried Patty
27. Gourmet Burger
28. Brioche Bun
29. Toasted Bun
30. Flatbread

If you are looking for the best ideas and other words for «BURGER», you have come to the right place. Whether you are looking for a classic hamburger or something more creative like a patty melt, there are plenty of synonyms for «BURGER» to choose from. From beefburger to bapburger, double decker to triple decker, grilled patty to fried patty, there are so many delicious options. For a healthier option, try a veggie burger or gardenburger. For a more gourmet option, try a sesame seed bun or brioche bun. No matter what you’re looking for, there are plenty of synonyms for «BURGER» to satisfy your cravings.