1. Constructed
2. Erected
3. Fabricated
4. Framed
5. Construct
6. Manufactured
7. Assembled
8. Constructed
9. Designed
10. Put together
11. Composed
12. Shaped
13. Raised
14. Formed
15. Forged
16. Constructing
17. Organized
18. Created
19. Planned
20. Erecting
21. Constructive
22. Constructible
23. Constructing
24. Constructive
25. Compiling
26. Contrived
27. Arranged
28. Made
29. Developed
30. Forming

When it comes to finding the best ideas for synonyms for the word ‘built’, there are plenty of options to choose from. For example, other words for ‘built’ include constructed, erected, fabricated, framed, constructed, manufactured, assembled, designed, put together, composed, shaped, raised, formed, forged, constructing, organized, created, planned, erecting, constructible, constructing, constructive, compiling, contrived, arranged, made, developed, and forming. Each of these words can be used in various contexts to express the same idea as ‘built’. Whether you’re looking for a more technical term or a more creative phrase, there’s a synonym for ‘built’ that can fit any situation.