1. Pulchritudinous
2. Rippling
3. Strapping
4. Statuesque
5. Brawny
6. Hulking
7. Muscular
8. Athletic
9. Vigorous
10. Robust
11. Sinewy
12. Powerful
13. Well-built
14. Stocky
15. Brawny
16. Befitting
17. Bulging
18. Strapping
19. Herculean
20. Imposing
21. Commanding
22. Burly
23. Potent
24. Vigorous
25. Brawny
26. Muscular
27. Strapping
28. Beefy
29. Well-formed
30. Well-conditioned

Are you looking for different ways to express the concept of «buff»? Synonyms are a great way to add variety to your writing or speech. Here are some of the best ideas for other words for «buff». Pulchritudinous, rippling, strapping, statuesque, brawny, hulking, muscular, athletic, vigorous, robust, sinewy, powerful, well-built, stocky, brawny, befitting, bulging, strapping, herculean, imposing, commanding, burly, potent, vigorous, brawny, muscular, strapping, beefy, well-formed, and well-conditioned are all great options for expressing the concept of «buff». With these synonyms, you can easily find the perfect word to fit your needs.