1. Injured
2. Hurt
3. Battered
4. Discolored
5. Contused
6. Wounded
7. Swollen
8. Sore
9. Marked
10. Blemished
11. Abused
12. Pummeled
13. Tender
14. Mangled
15. Black and Blue
16. Damaged
17. Punctured
18. Smashed
19. Marred
20. Scratched
21. Bruised and Battered
22. Discolored and Swollen
23. Tender and Sore
24. Marked and Blemished
25. Wounded and Abused
26. Mangled and Pummeled
27. Punctured and Smashed
28. Marred and Scratched
29. Discolored and Battered
30. Swollen and Tender

Looking for synonyms for the word «bruised»? Look no further! Here are the best ideas and other words for «bruised» that you can use in your writing. These synonyms include injured, hurt, battered, discolored, contused, wounded, swollen, sore, marked, blemished, abused, pummeled, tender, mangled, black and blue, damaged, punctured, smashed, marred, scratched, bruised and battered, discolored and swollen, tender and sore, marked and blemished, wounded and abused, mangled and pummeled, punctured and smashed, marred and scratched, discolored and battered, and swollen and tender. With this wide variety of synonyms for «bruised», you can easily find the perfect word to use in your writing.