1. Procured
2. Obtained
3. Acquired
4. Secured
5. Attained
6. Purchased
7. Garnered
8. Procured
9. Obtained
10. Snatched
11. Gotten
12. Brought about
13. Gained
14. Seized
15. Snagged
16. Obtained
17. Bought
18. Earned
19. Possessed
20. Achieved
21. Reaped
22. Snaffled
23. Brought forth
24. Procured
25. Secured
26. Obtained
27. Acquired
28. Gleaned
29. Derived
30. Fetch

When you are looking for other words for “brought”, there are many options to choose from. Synonyms for the word “brought” include procured, obtained, acquired, secured, attained, purchased, garnered, snatched, gotten, brought about, gained, seized, snagged, bought, earned, possessed, achieved, reaped, snaffled, brought forth, gleaned, derived, and fetch. These are some of the best ideas to use when you need to replace the word “brought” in a sentence. Using synonyms for “brought” can help to make your writing more interesting and give it a unique flair.