1. Streams
2. Creeks
3. Rivers
4. Rivulets
5. Waterways
6. Rills
7. Runnels
8. Torrents
9. Flumes
10. Channels
11. Brooks
12. Tributaries
13. Currents
14. Streamlets
15. Conduits
16. Furrows
17. Tides
18. Rills
19. Fords
20. Brooks
21. Runoffs
22. Drains
23. Gutters
24. Rivulets
25. Floods
26. Creeks
27. Floodways
28. Lagoons
29. Inlets
30. Estuaries

Searching for synonyms for the word “Brooks” can be a challenge. Whether you’re looking for the best ideas or trying to find other words for “Brooks”, this list of 30 synonyms can help you find the perfect word. With synonyms ranging from streams and rivers to rivulets and runnels, you’ll be sure to find the perfect word for your project. Some of the best ideas include streams, creeks, rivers, and rivulets, while other words for “Brooks” include tributaries, currents, streamlets, and conduits. No matter what word you choose, this list of synonyms for “Brooks” will have you covered.