1. Respiration
2. Inhalation
3. Exhalation
4. Puffing
5. Ventilation
6. Inspiration
7. Expiration
8. Inhaling
9. Exhaling
10. Airing
11. Gasping
12. Drawing
13. Sighing
14. Panting
15. Wheezing
16. Gulping
17. Blowing
18. Expelling
19. Ingesting
20. Egesting
21. Aspirating
22. Aerating
23. Inflating
24. Resuscitating
25. Stimulating
26. Ventilating
27. Ingesting
28. Sucking
29. Fuming
30. Expiring

When searching for other words for breathing, it is important to consider the best ideas and synonyms that accurately describe the process. Whether you are looking for a single word or a phrase, there are plenty of synonyms to choose from. Some of the most popular words and phrases include respiration, inhalation, exhalation, puffing, ventilation, inspiration, expiration, inhaling, exhaling, and airing. Additionally, words like gasping, drawing, sighing, panting, wheezing, gulping, blowing, expelling, ingesting, egesting, aspirating, aerating, inflating, resuscitating, stimulating, ventilating, ingesting, sucking, fuming, and expiring are all excellent alternatives for breathing. With so many options available, you can easily find the perfect synonym for your needs.