1. Nursing
2. Nursing at the breast
3. Suckling
4. Nursing your baby
5. Lactation
6. Nourishing
7. Feeding
8. Sustenance
9. Suckling at the breast
10. Nurturing
11. Nourishment
12. Sustaining
13. Suckling milk
14. Nurturing your baby
15. Suckling your baby
16. Nursing milk
17. Nourishing your baby
18. Suckling at the breast
19. Lactating
20. Nourishing milk
21. Nurturing milk
22. Suckling at the teat
23. Nursing your infant
24. Sustaining your baby
25. Nourishing your infant
26. Lactation at the breast
27. Nurturing your infant
28. Nursing at the teat
29. Sustaining milk
30. Lactation your baby

Finding the right words to describe the act of breastfeeding can be difficult. Knowing the best synonyms for the term “breastfeeding” can help you to express your thoughts and feelings in a more accurate and meaningful way. Whether you are writing a blog post, a research paper, or a speech, having a list of synonyms for breastfeeding can help you to find the perfect words to communicate your message. From “nursing” and “suckling” to “nurturing” and “sustaining”, the list of 30 synonyms for breastfeeding above will provide you with the best ideas for expressing your thoughts and feelings about this important act.