1. Fracture
2. Splitting
3. Rupture
4. Shattering
5. Fracturing
6. Separating
7. Divorce
8. Disrupting
9. Detaching
10. Parting
11. Severing
12. Interrupting
13. Dissolving
14. Disintegrating
15. Dismembering
16. Unhinging
17. Shredding
18. Disjoining
19. Uniting
20. Splintering
21. Disconnecting
22. Unfastening
23. Quitting
24. Unbinding
25. Demolishing
26. Unraveling
27. Unmaking
28. Unsealing
29. Unburdening
30. Unclasping

When it comes to finding synonyms for the word «breaking», there are many ideas to consider. Whether you’re looking for the best words to use in your writing or for other words for «breaking» to add to your vocabulary, the list above provides 30 great options. From «fracture» and «splitting» to «unclasping» and «unburdening», each of these synonyms can help to convey the same meaning as the word «breaking». Whether you’re looking for a more creative way to express yourself or you just want to broaden your vocabulary, these synonyms for «breaking» can help you make your writing more interesting.