1. Lad
2. Ladle
3. Chap
4. Youth
5. Bloke
6. Dude
7. Tyke
8. Manikin
9. Son
10. Sprig
11. Cub
12. Callow
13. Fellow
14. Ladling
15. Sonny
16. Laddie
17. Sonny boy
18. Male child
19. Knave
20. Boyo
21. Juvenile
22. Stripling
23. Youngster
24. Infant
25. Minor
26. Adolescent
27. Sonny-Jim
28. Fledgling
29. Colt
30. Junior

Looking for synonyms for the word ‘boy’? Here are the best ideas for other words and phrases you can use to refer to a young male. Whether you’re looking for a single word, a phrase, or a more creative way to refer to a boy, this list has it all. From ‘lad’ and ‘youth’ to ‘manikin’ and ‘knave’, you’ll find the perfect synonym for your needs. For a more specific reference, try words like ‘sonny’, ‘sonny-Jim’, ‘callow’, ‘fledgling’, or ‘colt’. Or if you’re looking for a more general term, try ‘ladling’, ‘male child’, ‘juvenile’, ‘stripling’, ‘youngster’, ‘infant’, ‘minor’, ‘adolescent’, or ‘junior’. No matter what you’re looking for, this list of 30 synonyms for ‘boy’ will have you covered.