1. Constrain
2. Limit
3. Restrain
4. Confine
5. Contain
6. Circumscribe
7. Check
8. Cordon
9. Bar
10. Obstruct
11. Wall
12. Block
13. Fence
14. Enclose
15. Fetter
16. Impede
17. Coerce
18. Confine
19. Hinder
20. Encompass
21. Restrict
22. Foreclose
23. Envelop
24. Enchain
25. Enforce
26. Imprison
27. Enjoin
28. Impose
29. Inclose
30. Enwrap

When you are looking for another word for ‘bound’, there are many options to choose from. Whether you are looking for a single word or a phrase, the best ideas are those that are most descriptive and accurate. Synonyms for ‘bound’ include constrain, limit, restrain, confine, contain, circumscribe, check, cordon, bar, obstruct, wall, block, fence, enclose, fetter, impede, coerce, hinder, encompass, restrict, foreclose, envelop, enchain, enforce, imprison, impose, inclose, and enwrap. These words can be used in place of ‘bound’ to give your writing more variety and clarity.